Postage stamps from Britannia, Gallia, and Iberia.


Receive a pair of postage stamps from each of the countries in the listed areas. These are unique collectable beauties and physically encapsulate the imagination and intention of Altera. Each postage stamp is designed to signal the some unique characteristics of a particular country. Apart from a landscape or monument of cultural significance, the stamps depict the local language, script, currency, and symbology. 

Postage Stamps | Britannia, Gallia, Iberia

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  • 2 x 21 unique postage stamps of countries listed in the Britannia, Gallia, and Iberia map plates

    1" x 1.5" print size; exact dimensions vary by design. 

    Stamps are printed on uncoated paper to keep with vintage aesthetics, and then perforated. Intended design is for the stamps to appear unused, without postmark killer lines.