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Gomeria, Esmiria, Senegalia, Taregia, and Getulia.  


Collect lifelike pieces of Altera by receiving leaves of postage stamps from the countries of Iberia. Each country's leaf contains 6 stamps, colour-coded for continental-based postage rates. Learn about the countries by reading the map plate post of Mazicia. These beauties physically encapsulate the scope of the imagination and intentions behind Atlas Altera. 


Each postage stamp is designed to be a portal to a faraway country while boasting the cosmopolitan idealism of a the Society of Nation's Universal Postal Service (the SoN's UPS):

  • The year of issue is encoded in the binary numeral system not so dissimilar to the what was used by Carl Sagan for the Golden Record sent off on the Voyager Missions. 
  • Price is backed by a continent-based pricing scheme standardized across the globe, represented by a dot-based symbol and the colour of the stamp. 
  • The issuing country of the stamp is represented by a cultural iconography.
  • The endonym of the issuing country of the stamp is comprehensible to both outsiders and locals alike: it is rendered through its native script while also being conveyed with the universally accessible International Phonetics script (based on Alexander Melville Bell's Visible Speech)
  • The country can also be recognized around the globe by its exonyms in the five lingua francas pragmatically recognized by the Society of Nations

Mazicia Postage Stamps

  • Altera Postage Leaves for the countries of Mazicia. Receive international postage stamps from Altera, with a unique leaf of stamps per country. Stamp leaves are printed on vinyl with UV ink, and then perforated. To break off a stamp, bend the vinyl leaf just like a sticker and gently peel away the stamp from the adhesive backing. Unlike first edition stamps, these stamps are adhesive. 


    Order by batches. There is 1 unique leaf per country, with each leaf containing 6 differently coloured postage stamps. Order a curated 4 country sample set, or receive a complete set of every country in Mazicia for your collection.


    Dimensions. Each leaf measures to 15 x 9.4 cm. Each stamp is 4.5 x 3 cm in size.

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