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Atlas Altera supporter sticker. 


Display your love and support for Atlas Altera with this vinyl sticker merch, perfect for decking out water bottles, laptops, notebook covers, phone covers, and even fridge doors and drabby walls.


The symbol in the middle of the logo is the globe wound together into a knot, which showcases cosmopolitan aspirations by representing humanity as sharing an intertwined world and recognizing the practical necessity for a suprenational mechanism to hold states accountable to one another. 


The word syntopian was coined specifically to convey and represent the ideals and objective of Atlas Altera as a genre or kind of fiction. The word poputchik is a Cold War reference. Literally, it translates as "one who travels the same path," yielding the analagous English term, fellow traveller. Without the historic Red Scare connotations in the United States, it can be used to denote those who hold similar aspirations or are sympathetic to a common cause or political movement, particularlly those who deviate from the status quo. 

Supporter Sticker

  • Atlas Altera supporter sticker. This circular-cut vinyl sticker is 3 cm in diameter and waterproof. 

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