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Inseparable States and Faiths: The World's Denominations as Structural and Contextual Backdrops.


This world map beautifully depicts the world of Altera by the prevailing religion and sect of every state. The divisional colour scheme of the map allows for quick recognition for macro religious patterns, while also being distinct enough for picking out sectarian differences, allowing nuanced comparisons.


The stylish but understated colours and professional print quality allows this map to both stand out as a defining artpiece while also blending in as part of the backdrop. As a wallmount map of this calibre functions as a decorative element first, you'll find that most passerby will miss out on the fictional details and only the most critical and curious onlookers will notice the discrepancies between reality and fiction. 

World Map of Altera on Religion

  • Detailed religion world map. This map distinguishes countries while also grouping them by religious sect. Country names and faiths are depicted through the lens of the Anglophone world. The map also features captions and introductions, as well as symbols for every sect represented on the map.


    Decorative maps.  Along with the main map, there are four decorative corner maps that depict religiosity, religious diversity, prevailing macro religions, and prevailing religious epidoxies. Religious epidoxies are when seemingly exclusive religion co-exist and draw from the same practitioners. 


    Print editions. As with mapmaking in the real world, the cartographic representation of Altera is a field of knowledge that is refined and subject to change over time.  Since the first edition, there have been minor corrections, some lore changes, and a handful of new states have been added onto the map. Print quality remains the same. 


    Print size and quality. This map is 44'' x 54'' or 112 x 137 cm in size. The map is printed locally to guarantee a superior product. The print is archival quality, on thick uncoated paper to keep with the vintage-style aesthetics, and done with unfading UV ink for fine precision. Even the smallest text at 1.5 mm is rendered crisp and clear. This map looks stunning when framed by dark wood.

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