A Wealth of Nations: The Political Constellations of the World in the Year of the Comet


This world map depicts the political realities of Altera. Apart from capitals and major cities, regionally important cities are also depicted in their endonym form. 


Along with the main map in this print, there are four corner maps that depict the climate, biomes, hydrography, and physical geography of Altera, each one methodically prepared to appear realistic and yet consistent with the deviations from the real world. In addition, there are two map diagrams, one for explaining the mechanics of the global climate system, and other for depicting the groupings of landmasses by continents and regions. 

World Map | Political Theme

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  • 44'' x 60'' size print done on thick uncoated paper to keep with the vintage-style aesthetics. Print is high-resolution, archival quality, and will not fade. Looks stunning when framed by dark wood.