Chorographical Depictions: The Continents, Regions, Areas, Countries, and Dominions of the World


This world map depicts the landmasses of Altera in different scales of territoriality, with continents associated by colour, regions by hue, and regions by tint and tone.


Along with the main map in this print, there are two corner maps that depict the regional geography of flora and fauna consistent, with the labelling and system revised from conventional zoogeography and phytogeography to be consisted with the backstory of Altera. In addition, there are two corner decorations that are artistic odes to the story of human ancestry and migration, as well as crop domestication events associated with rivers as a hereustic for the flow of human ingenuity and culture overtime.

World Map | Regional Geography Theme

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  • 39'' x 59'' size print done on thick uncoated paper to keep with the vintage-style aesthetics. Printed in high-resolution, archival quality, and will not fade. Looks stunning when framed by dark wood.